10 easy and delicious vegan pancakes

Do you like pancakes for breakfast? Then this is the perfect post for you! Includes 10 easy and delicious vegan pancakes, perfect for the whole family!

a collage of four different vegan pancakes

I’m actually not the most breakfast person, but I love vegan pancakes on the weekend!

In this roundup of vegan pancake recipes, you can find something for every taste.

We have:

  • Vegan Banana Pancakes (with Chocolate Chips!)
  • peanut butter pancakes
  • blueberry pancakes (also gluten-free)
  • vegan crepes
  • English pancakes (which are much thinner than American pancakes but not as thin as crepes)
  • strawberry pancakes
  • cinnamon pancakes
  • caramel nutella pancakes

All of these vegan pancake recipes are perfect for a nice, relaxed weekend breakfast. Or you could make them for brunch or even an afternoon sweet treat!

So let’s start drooling! Pancake heaven, here we come!

As always, just click on the header above each photo to see the recipe.

a stack of vegan banana pancakes with maple syrup being poured over the pancakes

Can’t decide between banana bread and pancakes? Then these Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Pancakes from Bianca by Elephantastic Vegan are perfect for you. Don’t they look amazing? And they’re super popular on Pinterest!

seven vegan crepes on a plate with chocolate sauce and strawberries on top and a fork by the side

Vegan crepes are not only super delicious, but also very easy to make. And they are completely egg or dairy free. You can enjoy my vegan crepes with both a sweet filling and a savory filling. So delicious!

a stack of vegan blueberry pancakes on a white plate with a glass of orange juice in the background and maple syrup poured over the pancakes

You’re going to love these gluten-free and vegan blueberry pancakes from Gwen from Delightful Adventures. They are light, fluffy and perfect for breakfast!

a stack of vegan peanut butter pancakes on a white plate with a fork and a bowl with fruit in the background

Can you believe that these vegan peanut butter pancakes from Veggie Inspired Jenn are actually healthy? I mean, look at them! They look absolutely fantastic. And who could say no to the peanut butter and chocolate combo?

six English vegan pancakes rolled up on a white plate with lemon wedges on top and on the side

Have you ever tried English pancakes? They are flatter and much larger than American pancakes. And because they don’t use a leavening agent, they don’t have the typical cakey texture of American pancakes. Melanie from A Virtual Vegan topped her vegan English pancakes with fresh lemon juice and sugar. Delightful!

a stack of vegan pancakes on a red plate with strawberries on top and strawberry sauce being poured over the pancakes

If you like strawberries, you just have to try these vegan lemon strawberry lemon poppy seed pancakes by Melissa from The Stingy Vegan. They’re perfect for spring when you can buy fresh, ripe strawberries at the farmer’s market.

a stack of vegan pancakes with nutella and bananas on a wooden board with a banana in the background

Don’t these Vegan Caramel Nutella Pancakes from Florian of Contentedness Cooking look absolutely drooling? And they are gluten free too!

three cinnamon pancakes on a white plate with a fork on the side

Can’t decide between cinnamon rolls and pancakes? Then get these Cinnamon Pancakes with Caitlin’s Cashew Cream Frosting from From My Bowl. They are vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free!

a stack of vegan chocolate chip pancakes on a white plate with a piece of butter on top and a fork on the side

Who can say no to chocolate chip pancakes? Definitely not me! These vegan chocolate chip pancakes from Melissa by Vegan Huggs look just too good. And they’re ready in just 25 minutes!

vegan pancakes on a white plate topped with chocolate chips and strawberries on a wooden countertop with a fork on the side

If you want extra fluffy pancakes, try these easy pancakes from Rachel and Andrew of The Plant Riot. They included several mix-in ideas like fresh blueberries, lemon zest, cranberries, and chocolate chips.


I hope you enjoy these vegan pancakes as much as I do! Don’t forget to pin or share this post so you have these vegan fast food options ready when you need them!

If you try any of these recipes, I’d love to hear what you think. As soon as leave me a comment under. Your comments really make my day!

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