20 vegan breakfast recipes to drool over

Start your day off right with one or a few of these 20 Vegan Breakfast Recipes! They’re all extremely delicious, easy to make, and perfect for a relaxed weekend breakfast! Or actually any day of the week!

a collage of four vegan breakfast recipes

I’m not the biggest breakfast person during the week, but I absolutely LOVE having a long, relaxed breakfast on the weekend! To bring you the best vegan breakfast recipes, I’ve teamed up with some fellow food bloggers! You will love these 20 vegan breakfast ideas!

Are you more of a sweet or savory breakfast person? It does not matter! We have something for all tastes and for every occasion. Whether it’s a Sunday breakfast with the family, a brunch with friends or a festive breakfast.

We have:

  • the classics like scrambled tofu OR vegan bacon made of mushrooms
  • vegan banana bread pancakes with chocolate chips, blueberry pancakes, AND vegan crepes (what would a Sunday morning be without pancakes?!)
  • vegan breakfast burrito filled with scrambled tofu and sausages or Mexican-style with avocado cream and cumin. And we also have a recipe for vegan breakfast tacos!
  • vegan french toast and waffles
  • if you liked eggs, you should try the vegan omelette with asparagus or tea vegan quiche
  • vegan maple sausages for those who want a really delicious breakfast
  • A breakfast bowl with oats, fruit, nut butters and quinoa if you’re looking for a light and healthy vegan breakfast

So let’s start with the goodness!

As always, click on the header above each photo to see the recipe.

scrambled tofu in a small skillet on a blue countertop with a bowl of rolls and fresh chives in the background

This vegan tofu scramble with tomatoes and chives is the perfect weekend breakfast! It’s super delicious, easy to make, and a great vegan alternative to scrambled eggs. And it’s pretty healthy too!

oven roasted breakfast potatoes on a white plate with a spoon

These crispy baked breakfast potatoes by Jasmine and Chris from Sweet Simple Vegan are the perfect addition to scrambled tofu. And best of all, they’re oil-free and ready in just 30 minutes!

seven vegan crepes with chocolate sauce, blueberries and strawberries on top on a marble top

Vegan crepes are not only super delicious, but also very easy to make. And completely without eggs or milk. You can enjoy my vegan crepes with both a sweet filling and a savory filling. So delicious!

a stack of three vegan breakfast wraps on a dark wooden countertop

Don’t these vegan breakfast burritos by Deryn from Running On Real Food sound delicious? They’re filled with sweet potatoes, scrambled tofu, kale, vegan sausage, and avocado. If you want to simplify the recipe, just toss everything in one bowl.

four slices of vegan french toast on a white plate with raspberries, blueberries and strawberries on the side

This Vegan Banana French Toast is such a delicious and easy weekend breakfast! It’s moist, sweet, filling, and ready in just 5 minutes!

two vegan waffles on a mint green plate with bananas by the side and maple syrup poured over the top

And of course we need waffles for a vegan breakfast! These Vegan Cinnamon Waffles Marlena’s from Where You Get Your Protein are super easy to prepare. You only need six ingredients to make and they’re completely free from eggs and dairy products.

vegan breakfast casserole with potatoes, scrambled tofu and tempeh on a gray plate with two forks with a saucepan in the background

This vegan breakfast casserole with BBQ “bacon” tempeh and potatoes is perfect for a big breakfast or even brunch. It’s so delicious and super easy to make! Top it with green onions and some sriracha for even more flavor!

a stack of vegan banana pancakes on a white plate with maple syrup being poured over the pancakes

Can’t decide between banana bread and pancakes? Then try these Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Pancakes from Bianca by Elephantastic Vegan! Don’t they look amazing?

a stack of three vegan breakfast burritos with a pot of salsa with a wooden spoon in the background

Could you say no to these freezer-safe vegan breakfast burritos from Jasmine and Chris from Sweet Simple Vegan? They’re filled with scrambled tofu, roasted potatoes, steamed cabbage, beans, veggies, and vegan cheese. BIG yum!

three vegan mini quiches on a wooden board with green asparagus and cherry tomatoes by the side

This vegan quiche with tomatoes and green asparagus is perfect for brunch! I’ve made this before for an Easter brunch and it was a huge hit. You can make a large quiche or mini quiches.

a breakfast bowl with quinoa, berries and almonds on a wooden shelf over a gray tea towel

If you’re looking for a healthy vegan breakfast, you should try this breakfast bowl from Contentedness Cooking’s Florian. It’s filled with fruits, nuts, and oats. You can also replace the oats with quinoa if you want. And don’t forget to fill the bowl with some nut butter.

vegan bacon made of mushrooms on a bun with tomatoes and lettuce on a white plate

If you loved bacon and are looking for a vegan alternative, you’ll love this Vegan Bacon with Mushrooms. It’s ready in just 15 minutes and is much healthier than real bacon. The salty flavor will keep you coming back for seconds and thirds!

two slices of bread with mashed avocado and chickpeas on a white countertop

I absolutely LOVE the avocado toast! It’s super simple, healthy, and quite filling. Doesn’t this vegan avocado toast with chickpeas and sesame seeds from Gathering Dreams sound super delicious?

two vegan blueberry pancakes on a white plate on a white wooden countertop with blueberries and walnuts in the background

What would a Sunday morning be without pancakes? These vegans bShane’s Lueberry Banana Pancakes from Shane and Simple are super easy to make. Plus, they’re oil-free, low-fat, and, of course, completely plant-based.

a hand holding a vegan cream cheese bagel on top of a white plate with another bagel and a blue tea towel

This vegan cream cheese with cashews is one of my favorite vegan cheese recipes. It’s super easy to make, incredibly creamy, and so garlicky. Say goodbye to your dairy products and say hello to this delicious vegan cream cheese alternative with garlic and fresh herbs!

three maple vegan breakfast sausages on a white plate with a fork on a marble countertop with a glass of orange juice in the background

If you’re looking for a savory vegan breakfast, you should try these maple vegan breakfast sausages by Karissa from Karrisa’s Vegan Kitchen. They are a little sweet, but at the same time a little spicy. And of course they are super delicious!

two vegan mexican breakfast burritos on a white plate with tomatoes in the background

And we have another great recipe for vegan breakfast burritos. Brandi from The Vegan 8 made a spice-laden Mexican version. They are healthy, high in protein and oil free. And don’t forget to top them with some avocado and cumin cream.

a vegan omelette on a white plate with green asparagus and avocado slices on top

Yes, you can make an omelet without eggs. This Holly’s Vegan Asparagus Omelette from Happy Food Healthy Life is perfect proof of that! You can easily customize it and add more veggies if you like. I think spinach and mushrooms would be great too!

a Vegan Breakfast Taco on a wooden board with avocado slices, cherry tomatoes, red onion and fresh cilantro on top and to the side

Yes, it’s true! Breakfast tacos really are a thing! This vegan breakfast taco from Melissa form The Stingy Vegan is filled with vegan eggs and chorizo. And if you think eating tacos for breakfast is weird, why not try them for lunch or dinner?

20. Vegan savory pancakes with cheddar and green onions

four tasty vegan pancakes on a black plate with vegan bacon on the side on a wooden shelf

We already have delicious vegan sweet pancakes, but what about savory pancakes? These Vegan Green Onion Cheddar Pancakes from Melissa by Vegan Huggs are super satisfying and packed with flavor! Serve them with vegan sour cream and vegan bacon for a delicious savory breakfast!


I hope you enjoy these vegan breakfast recipes as much as I do! Don’t forget to pin or share this post so you have these vegan breakfast ideas ready when you need them!

If you try any of these recipes, I’d love to hear what you think. As soon as leave me a comment under. Your comments really make my day!

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