Camila Cabello brings her X-factor to ‘The Voice’ as the new coach to win

Camila Cabello brings her X-factor to ‘The Voice’ as the new coach to win

Camila Cabello on 'The Voice' Season 22. (Photo: NBC)

Camila Cabello on ‘The Voice’ Season 22. (Photo: NBC)

Some of the best coaches in the history of The voice being talent competition alumni themselves, as American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson. Now, with Kelly taking time off from the show after eight consecutive seasons, another superstar with a singing competition background is filling her red chair: Camila Cabello, a celebrity in the game. x Factor Girl group Fifth Harmony. And after last season’s disappointing showing of Gen Z-friendly pop star coach Ariana Grande, after The voicean unprecedented one-year break, so far it seems like Camila incarnate is exactly what this series needs. To use Kelly’s favorite catchphrase, Camila might have the best shot shipping this show this year.

“It feels very full circle, because I started on the singing competition show too,” Camila explained on Monday’s Season 22 premiere, although – just like Kelly and J.Hud before her – she conveniently didn’t mention the competition show singing gave her her big break. Even the contestants took great pains not to mention The X Factor on the air. And there was a funny bit after that when Camila’s colleagues mistaken her for someone who was visible America’s Got Talent, Star Searchor America’s Funniest Home Videosbut no The X Factor.

As for those castmates, occupying these other chairs Voice Three coaches are returning for the season: EGOT winner John Legend (Camila’s “bestie” as she served as a team advisor last year) and hit-and-run Voice power couple Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Blake seemed thrilled to have Gwen back on the show (this marks their first time sitting on the panel together as husband and wife), but Camila was clearly threatened by the current coach, who came to the league with attitude, spunk, and actuality. a cunning strategy that seems to be working. At one point, Camila scared Blake into dating a country singer, Orlando Mendez, specifically because she was wanted to spar with Blake. And (spoiler alert), Blake lost!

Blake had a rough night overall – he didn’t recruit a single competitor to his team during the two-hour episode – so he pulled out all the stops, at one point bringing out a reminiscent furry, clawed, uncooperative mascot me. of that goat Raquel was kidnapped from The Fake Bun. (Because Blake is a Capricorn The voiceget it?)

Blake also introduced a shady Season 22 tactic/gimmick, ordering stage hands to mute Camila’s microphone whenever she gets too mouthy. Blake tried to cut Camila out during Monday’s first audition with country/pop singer Morgan Myles, and he was still trying during the final audition with singer Kate Kalvach’s Kacey Musgraves. But Camila was so determined, she couldn’t be silenced. And that’s when the comedy decided.

Below are the successful Blind Auditions for Monday’s Season 22 premiere:

Morgan Myles, 35: “Hallelujah”

Wow, seriously? this song overdone, right out of the gate? There were obviously many beautiful performances, often inspired by Jeff Buckley, of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen The voice (and Idoland X Factor, and every other TV talent show), so I’m not sure we needed another one. That said, Morgan’s version was “so nice,” as Gwen noted, and when the industry veteran left this “country edge” a bit and let out that rise, she caught the attention of all coaches. John called her performance “exquisite” and even “one of the best Blind Auditions I’ve seen in a long time.” Camila told Morgan, “You have a great tone. I want to hear records from you.”

Who turned? All four coaches, but Camila block Gwen! “I did my homework. I know how Blocks works, and I immediately thought, ‘Gwen’s going to want her,’” explained the newly savvy coach. “The new kid on the block has me blocked!” Gwen moved.

Result: Team Camila! I think Camila comparing Morgan to Rihanna was more convincing than Blake sharing war stories about his struggling early Nashville days. “We should all be scared of Camila,” John said.

Omar José Cardona, 33: “Separate Ways”

Omar, the showman, had such theatrical tendencies, I wish Journey’s “Separate Ways” music video was replayed so badly, with Paul Mirkovich’s band miming air instruments in the background. I think that might have improved this performance, honestly. I admired Omar’s stand-up mic branding and 80’s rock influences, but he was clearly under pressure to hit those Steve Perry power notes. Gwen was way too enthusiastic when she mentioned, “I haven’t heard a voice like that since the 80s,” and Camila was sarcastic when she said Omar had “Freddie Mercury vibes.” Maybe this performance was different/better in the room.

Who turned? All four coaches, surprisingly. It seemed that everyone was surprised that Sean appeared first.

Result: Team Legend! I thought for sure Omar would go to the queen of the 80s Gwen, but John’s comment is like, “You’re the kind of artist that can win The voice,” sealed the deal. I’m not sure John is so right about that, though.

Ian Harrison, 20: “The Night We Met”

As this season’s indie highlight, Ian did a beautiful rendition of Lord Huron’s song, dedicated to his musician father who died by suicide when Ian was 9 years old. He wasn’t a powerhouse singer – more of a Lewis Capaldi/Damien Rice type, with the rounded odd-sounding British vowels – so the coaches spent their time turning him around. But Gwen, an artist who often wears her own heart on her designer sleeve, seemed to have Ian’s “character voice” and a very interesting vulnerability. “You are a very interesting artist. You showed your heart, and it was very pure,” she said.

Who turned? Blake, John, and Gwen.

Result: Team Gwen, of course.

Emma Brooke, 19: “California Dreamin'”

Emma’s dramatic, delayed performance of the Mamas & the Papas classic set the Lion off The Mask Singer Season 1 (this was good thing; Leon, aka Rumer Willis, was stolen!). Emma is classically trained, and it showed, that both ways are good and bad; she would do well to get herself dirty in the future.

Who turned? John and Gwen.

Result: Team Legend. John is also classically trained, so this pairing made the most sense.

Orlando Mendez, 26: “Beer Never Broke My Heart”

This one could have gone either way. As a Cuban-American singer born in Miami – Camila’s hometown – Camila seemed like an obvious coach for Orlando. But… Orlando is a country a singer, who sings about it beer! (Blake’s incentive/congratulatory prize for his team members this season is a cozy custom beer).

Who turned? All four trainers. Camila actually encouraged Blake to turn as she wanted to be happy to lure a country competitor away from Team Blake. Heavy!

Result: Team Camila. “Camila, let’s do this, girl!” shouted Orlando. This was Camila’s second four-chair competitor of the night – and the adventure wasn’t over.

David Andrew, 25: “Falling”

A pro backing singer for the likes of Ed Sheeran, Mickey Guyton, and Kane Brown, David had stage presence and great looks. In fact, he looked like John Legend, and he was once standing in for John on a TV taping, while he was doing dice with Carrie Underwood during a rehearsal. But “David’s dream is to be in the center,” and he deserves that chance. I liked its sophistication, restraint and clean tone, as did Gwen, who called it “literally mind-blowing” and praised its “style, energy, vibe, and excitement.”

Who turned? John and Gwen, both of whom gave him a permanent ovary.

Result: Team Legend. Of course, David was to go with his short-haired doppelganger.

Jay Allen, 36: “Until you can’t”

Jay’s mother was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, and died three years ago at age 54. He wrote a benefit single in her honor, “Blank States,” which eventually raised more than $50 million. Later in Monday’s episode, he performed that song for the coaches, and it was much more powerful than the more conversational Cody Johnson cover he was listening to; in fact, it almost felt like the triumphant moment of the coronation song. But there was no denying Jay’s star quality from the start. Blake joked that tattooed heartthrob Jay looked like a UFC fighter, and Jay could put up a good fight on the show.

Who turned? Blake and Gwen.

Result: Team Gwen! Jay said he has a “rock side,” so apparently, country-music-moonlighting lady No Doubt gave him the edge here. “Blake, I’m a huge fan and I respect you so much, but I have to choose your wife,” Jay explained conveniently.

Kate Kalvach, 27: “Rainbow”

The daughter of traveling music pastors, Kate began singing secular music with the encouragement of her Czech-born husband and mentor. I was expecting a big churchy gospel sound, but Kate had more of a winning indie vibe. At first, I thought her expression was too closed and garbled, but when she started to open up, both vocally and emotionally, the magic happened and finally the coaches spun around. She has a really unique style. “I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone who can go in and out of their head voice and their chest voice so flawlessly,” Gwen said.

Who turned? Blake, Gwen, and Camila – all at the last minute.

Result: He is shaving! We’ll find out when the second episode of Blind Auditions Season 22 airs on Tuesday. Blake did his best to silence Camila as she made her big sales pitch, of course, but she jumped up from her chair and shouted her words of praise to Kate. Meanwhile, Kate grumbled, “Blake was my first choice, and even he’s fighting for me,” so I don’t expect Blake’s luck to turn around in the opening minutes of Tuesday’s episode. See you there.

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