Fantasy Football Week 3: Heavy predictions

Our analysts have revealed their boldest fantasy predictions for Week 3. Which will happen?

Rookie RB to lose in Week 3

Andy Behrens: As a Bears fan, it gives me no pleasure to report that Damon Pierce School Week is upon us. He is on pace to deliver a top-12 finish (10? 8?) among running backs. Chicago’s defense currently stands against the run, allowing 189.5 rushing yards per game, and simply citing the team’s ranking makes it less of a problem. The Bears had no hope against the Packers running game and, in their opening week monsoon game, it was clear that they were going to be destroyed by Eli Mitchell before he suffered a knee injury. Assuming the Texans have Pierce again, he will hit on Sunday.

Rashaad Penny is a DFS tournament winner

Dalton Del Don This is a long shot, as Seattle’s backfield became a full-blown three-way committee last week when Travis Homer in Kenneth Walker during the rookie’s NFL debut. The Seahawks are also on pace for a record fewest offensive plays in 20 years. But there was Penny literally the best fantasy goal scorer over the last six weeks last season, and gets the Falcons defense on Sunday with strong corners but one that was dead last in EPA / Rush (0.18). Penny has a career 5.5 YPC and just needs an unexpected bump in the opportunity Sunday to get a chance this week.

Etienne’s season can still happen

Scott Pianowski: The IS James Robinson It’s a fun comeback story, but I’m not giving up Travis Etienne. Sure, he’s made some mistakes – you’d make any football coach livid, put the ball on the ground – but he’s averaging 6.6 yards per touch, which is 2.6 yards higher than Robinson. Maybe that’s an unfair comparison when you think about the players’ roles — Robinson is all down player, Etienne is more of a satellite player — but I think the market has gone too far in terms of promote Etienne’s current perceived value.

Will Week 3 bring fantasy goodness to Travis Etienne? (Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images)

Here’s a vote for Etienne to overcome Robinson this week, despite fewer touches than expected, and to open his touch tally. A game script could help out, with the Jaguars underdog touchdown at the Chargers; Jacksonville might be encouraged to use Etienne more if they fall into catch-up mode. It is a good time to buy low on the second year back.

Matt Harmon: I get that Miles Sanders He told us to take him off our draft boards this summer, but he’s been an underrated fantasy back through two games. Sanders has touched the ball 35 times so far and played well. He currently ranks seventh among all running backs in yards after a touchdown per rushing attempt. We know he’s never going to get a ton of work but he’s had some really positive use in the scoring area and carrying three back lines. That is one bested by Jamal Williams and Antonio Gibson, of which there are four each.

We want to use Sanders in fantasy when the Eagles are a high-scoring team in favor and/or playing in a game that could involve a lot of touchdowns. Their upcoming game against Washington checks both boxes. I see Sanders finishing in the top seven at the position this week.

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