Former Eagle Emmanuel Acho’s Jalen Hurts is embarrassed

Ex-Eagles LB junior Jalen Hurts appeared first on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Eagles fans, do you remember Emmanuel Acho? You might know him from his recent transformation into Fox Sports talking head and New York Times best-selling platitude peddler, but do you remember him as an Eagle?

He played in 20 games, recorded 33 tackles, and promptly retired after two seasons in the NFL.

And yet somehow the action he took this week on Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is worse than his forgotten playing career.

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I’ll let you hear Acho’s argument for yourself first, and then we’ll discuss:

So a few things.

For starters, this is the biggest 1999 football discussion I’ve ever heard. For someone who is supposed to be part of the future of NFL analytics, Acho talks like any guy on the corner stool at your local sports bar. Quarterback vs. quarterback win-loss record means nothing. It means less than nothing. It’s not a stat you should listen to. It is the crutch of those who have zero meaning to say. Interacting with those quarterbacks on the field doesn’t hurt. The Eagles defense is in charge of stopping those guys. What are we talking about here?

Next, let’s look at Hurts’ stat lines in those five games against those good quarterbacks and see what the Eagles’ defense did to help him:

  • 9/27/21 vs DAL: 25/39, 326 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT, 35 rushing yards | Defense: 34 pts

  • 10/3/21 vs. KC: 32/48, 387 yards, 2 TDs, 47 rushing yards | Defense: 42 pts

  • 10/14/21 vs. TB: 12/26, 115 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 44 rushing yards, 2 TDs | Defense: 28 pts

  • 11/7/21 vs LAC: 11/17, 162 yards, 1 TD, 62 rushing yards | Defense: 27 pts

  • 1/16/22 vs. TB: 23/43, 258 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT, 39 rushing yards | Defense: 31 pts

His numbers in those five games: 59.5% completion, 7.21 Y/A, nine total TDs, five interceptions, and 229 rushing yards.

The completion percentage is low, the interceptions are high, but otherwise that’s passable QB play for a guy who was effectively a rookie going up against good-to-great teams, including three games against the for the two eventual Super Bowl champions at the time.

Oh, and the defense allowed 32.4 points per game in those five games.

But most importantly…none of this means anything!

Last year was effectively Hurts’ rookie season, and now we’re in his second year as a starter. If Acho had been paying any attention he would have known that a lot of people had questions about Hurts after 2021 … and that through three games Hurts basically answered all of them thanks to his improvement himself and the improvement of his support team.

Hurt is more decisive this year. He has done more work this year. It is more accurate overall this year. He is BALLING this year. That’s the story of Hurts right now: the remarkable, remarkable, year-over-year improvement.

So why are you talking about a bunch of games from a year (or two!) ago that have no bearing on who Hurts is *now*?

This is the bottom of the barrel discussion of one of the best stories in football right now. Absolutely brutal.

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