How Buster Posey’s Giants ownership role adds value to MLB’s big offseason

How Buster Posey’s Giants ownership role adds value to MLB’s big offseason

How Posey’s ownership role could be used in a big Giants offseason appeared first on NBC Sports Bayarea

SAN FRANCISCO – Just about every piece of hardware that a major leaguer could hope to win in Buster Posey’s trophy case is back in Georgia, and it’s not far from the day he’ll have to prepare to give a speech in Cooperstown . But there was one role in Major League Baseball that Posey couldn’t quite master.

Posey has been involved in several recruiting trips over the years, including a visit with Jon Lester nearly a decade ago and a flight to Los Angeles five years ago to meet with Shohei Ohtani. When the runner-up banners started piling up for the front office, Posey joked that his recruiting days were over, but now he might get to try it in a different role.

The organization announced Wednesday morning that Posey has been bought into the ownership group, and while it’s unclear what that will mean for his future in player transactions, it gives them one more card to play at times.

Posey is a recent player who has gained immense respect from his peers, and he will now hold one of a half-dozen board seats for an organization that is intent on going big after last season.

“My recruiting record is not very good. There’s time to improve that,” Posey said on a Zoom call. “I think my role will be to help where I can be helpful, and if that involves some time to get to know a free agent, I want to do that.”

Posey now joins a board chaired by Greg Johnson, who spoke to a group of reporters for the first time since taking over the organization’s ownership group, which now numbers 31 following Posey’s announcement. Johnson said the franchise is “hopeful” Posey will play a key role.

“To have that one-on-one discussion with someone like Buster as part of the process, I think it really adds to that whole process,” Johnson said.

Posey made it clear that president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi will still make all the decisions, and Johnson went on to discuss the Giants’ current situation or the 2022 season in depth, noting that Zaidi will soon meet with reporters to give his own. accept. Posey’s starting goaltending role will be small — and given the franchise’s valuation, well over $3 billion — the initial stakes are certainly small as well.

Posey declined to give details about his share of the pie and noted that he moved his family, including four young children, to Georgia, and still wouldn’t be seen at the ballpark very often. But you don’t make such a move without some hope that Posey — like Magic Johnson, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and many others — will gain more exposure than other owners and board members with far greater stakes.

“We wish we were announcing that Buster was going to take the field for us this year or next year but I think this is the second best thing,” Johnson said. “I think at the end of the day, to have someone like Buster — who I’ve gotten to know over the last few years as well as I’m sure all of you — I know he’s a special person, overseas. the stats, apart from the great play he made on the field. He’s a high-quality, thoughtful person and already for the Giants, having left the competitive side of the field, I think he’s added a lot of value and insight.”

Johnson noted that when he first took over, the lack of trust between players and ownership, two sides that couldn’t come to an agreement on a new CBA until after a lengthy lockout last season, was surprising. on him.

He said the Giants will be “a stronger organization” because of Posey’s inclusion and said baseball will be stronger for him, as well.

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For the Giants to be stronger on the field, however, they need someone like Posey in a playmaking position. A year after winning 107 games, they are on track to finish under .500, but Johnson said he is committed to being aggressive this offseason. Posey said he’s “excited to provide insight” as the Giants pursue some big names and likely increase payroll.

“Ultimately, as we’ve said before, we don’t have a fixed number (for payroll) yet. It’s what we think we need to do to put a competitive team on the field,” Johnson said. “As you know, we have a lot of flexibility coming into this season and we know the (free agent) shortstops and who they can hit in the Bronx are out there.

“Ultimately Farhan will match his recommended numbers. We haven’t done that yet, but we’re certainly looking at that right now and we’re well aware that we have some gaps that need to be addressed.”

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