How ‘The Goldbergs’ Killed Jeff Garlin’s Murray Patriarch in Season 10 Premiere

How ‘The Goldbergs’ Killed Jeff Garlin’s Murray Patriarch in Season 10 Premiere

Jeff Garlin and his character Murray, the father of the Philadelphia family at the center of ABC’s “The Goldbergs” have officially left the sitcom.

Wednesday’s Season 10 premiere kicked off with a big time jump — and the long-dead Garlin patriarch. The episode opens with an adult Adam Goldberg (narrator Patton Oswalt) explaining how to imagine the summer 1980s around.

“Yep, life moves fast. Sometimes too fast, because in that year there was one thing that made everything stop,” says Goldberg, pausing as the camera zooms in on Murray’s empty reclining chair in a spotlight. “Just a few months ago, out of nowhere, we lost my dad. We will always love you dad, always. And we will find a way to continue together. Because, after all, we are the Goldbergs.”

This episode shows Murray’s wife Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) cleaning out her husband’s belongings and trying to find his beloved but lost armchair. Meanwhile, his son Barry (Troy Gentile) builds a “Field of Dreams” in the family yard, hoping his father will come back for a game of catch.

Murray never appears in the episode.

Last season, stand-up work and post-production were used to portray Murray after Garlin, 60, left the show following investigations into his behavior and allegations of misconduct.

Jeff Garlin leaving ‘The Goldbergs’ following allegations of misconduct regarding the ABC comedy series

Garlin posted on Instagram late Tuesday, hours before the season premiere, hinting that he was dealing with bipolar disorder.

“Sometimes it’s too much to deal with. I’m doing the best I can,” he wrote. msgstr “This is the first time I’ve opened up about this. #bipolar.”

Garlin “will not be on the (new) season, of course. (Murray) will be gone, and we’re starting from where it’s been many months since his death. The family is already grieving,” executive producer Alex Barnow told Entertainment Weekly in August. “This will be a family that has no solution to the fact that their father is gone but that sort of moved on and dealt with a lot of that.”

Executive producer Chris Bishop said, “It honestly feels like a huge reboot for us.”

Barnow said that “so far, the stories have been more about looking forward than looking back.”

Garlin has appeared on “The Goldbergs” since ABC’s 2013 premiere with the No. 1 comedy. The show follows a family based on the life of creator Adam F. Goldberg in Philadelphia in the 1980s. Murray Goldberg is often clad in underwear and cold in his relationship with his children.

In an interview with Vanity Fair on December 3, Garlin did not specify what led to the show investigations, but mentioned a “joke” he made to stand in on the series “was completely lost.”

“It’s about me and my stupidity on the layout. They don’t think it’s appropriate. I do it. That’s where we are. I wasn’t fired for it.” Said Gairlin. “I have to do what I have to do to keep my energy up and do what I do. So I don’t know what to say.”

Garlin’s departure came months later, and in sharp contrast, to the show’s handling of series regular George Segal, who died in March 2021. The late actor, who played Pops, was honored at the end of Season 8 with a moving 48 second video. tribute to the longtime film and television star. Season 9 opened with the family remembering their beloved grandfather.

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