Jay Leno hopes to make a full recovery after car fire

Jay Leno will undergo a second surgery at a burn center but is expected to make a “full recovery,” according to his doctor. (Photo: REUTERS/Terje Bendiksby/NTB scanpix)

Jay Leno is expected to make a “full recovery” from his serious injuries, according to his doctor.

A press conference was held on Wednesday to discuss the first Show tonight the host’s prognosis after suffering burns in a fire at his car garage on Saturday. Dr. Peter Grossman, who is caring for Leno at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital in West Hills, California, said a second surgery is scheduled on the 72-year-old comedian, who is in good spirits.

Grossman, a plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for injured patients, said Leno has undergone one surgery so far after a Burbank, Calif., garage fire that caused “significant” burns, according to a Los Angeles news station. Angeles KTTV and People magazine. He will undergo further treatment and a second operation is scheduled for later this week.

Grossman explained that Leno suffered “deep second-degree” and possibly third-degree burns to his face, arms and chest. He said, “Some of the burns on the face are a little deeper and a little more worrying.” In addition, the thickness of Leno’s skin was injured.

Leno underwent a surgical excision and grafting procedure, in which non-viable tissue that would delay wound healing was removed and a biological skin substitute was placed on the burned areas to speed healing. He is also undergoing “very aggressive” hyperbaric oxygen therapy – a treatment that increases oxygen to injured areas to speed healing. He said there was no evidence of nerve damage.

Although the injuries are “serious,” Leno’s condition is “good,” Grossman noted. “I expect him to make a full recovery.” He said, however, that it is “still too early to tell” whether there will be “remnants of this injury.”

For now, the Jay Leno’s Garage the host is in “good spirits” at the hospital, where he was an “extremely kind and attractive” patient. Earlier in the day, he gave cookies to children being treated at the hospital, according to Grossman.

“He’s walking around and he’s cracking jokes. I can tell you he’s very kind to our nursing staff. He’s very compliant. He’s very appreciative of everyone here and really a patient amazing,” Grossman said.

Leno said in a statement Monday that he needed “a week or two to get back on my feet.” However, Grossman said he advised him that it “takes time” and that he “needs to take a step back”.

“He’s very compliant, he understands that,” Grossman continued. “I think he realizes he’s going to have to take it a little bit slower than he originally expected, but I think he’ll be back to work sometime soon, and back to things he loves to do, of course, is working on. cars and go out and meet people.”

Leno spoke to TMZ from his hospital bed on Monday, revealing that he had third-degree burns. He told the outlet he was fixing his 1907 White Steam Car, which had a clogged fuel line. Fuel was leaking and gas was sprayed on his face and hands. Leno’s spark ignited. Luckily, a friend who was present smothered the flames, preventing more serious injuries, and Leno was taken to the burned center.

That type of car, seen on Jay Leno’s Garage, is difficult to operate. Leno demonstrated starting it, in this 2012 video, and burned his hand while doing so (around the 4 minute mark).

Leno owns approximately 180 exotic cars and 160 motorcycles, most of which are housed in his 122,000 square foot garage.

News of Leno’s health emergency first broke Monday morning after he canceled a private comedy show appearance scheduled for Sunday, citing a health issue. His spokesman confirmed that he had “severe burns from a gasoline fire,” but was OK.

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