Leonardo DiCaprio May Be Asked To Join ‘Squid Game’ Inquisitor, Season 2 Set For 2024, Says Director Hwang Dong-hyuk

Leonardo DiCaprio May Be Asked To Join ‘Squid Game’ Inquisitor, Season 2 Set For 2024, Says Director Hwang Dong-hyuk

Leonardo DiCaprio may be invited to join the cast of Netflix’s Emmy-winning “Squid Game” in a future season, said series writer-director Hwang Dong-hyuk.

At a congratulatory press conference hosted by Netflix in Seoul on Friday, when asked if any well-known Hollywood actors would star in “Squid Game” Season 2, Hwang said: “There won’t be any well-known Hollywood actors in Season 2. It’s not that’s in the plan. and if the stage changes, maybe in Season 3 – but for Season 2, it’s still set in Korea. Leonardo DiCaprio said that he is a big fan of ‘Squid Game,’ so maybe if time or chance allows, we can ask him to participate in the games.”

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The second season will begin shooting in 2023 and release in 2024, Hwang confirmed. “We will start shooting Season 2 next year and it will be released the following year,” Hwang said, adding that the upcoming season would see improvements in production budgets and that the games to be played in the season have been confirmed.

The cast of “Squid Game” was out in force at the press conference to celebrate the unprecedented success at the Emmy Awards, except for winner lead actor Lee Jung-jae, who was absent due to the North American premiere. his directorial debut “The Hunt”. at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Lee told the media through a video recording: “Although a lot of news about ‘Squid Game’ has been released and we have received many awards, what is more important and happy for me is that the Korean content is reaching out and that he is very much loved. so many people in the world. I hope that more Korean content, like Seasons 2 and 3 of ‘Squid Game,’ will be released so that more great filmmakers, actors and actresses will get more opportunities to meet a global audience.”

“Squid Game” premiered as a Netflix original almost exactly a year ago and made waves around the world becoming the first Korean drama to rule the top 10 most watched weekly charts on Netflix worldwide in 94 countries, with a whopping 1.65 billion viewing hours. the first 28 days after its premiere on September 17, according to the streamer.

In addition to awards from the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards, “Squid Games” earned 14 Emmy Award nominations and a historic six wins including Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Lee, Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series for Hwang, Outstanding Guest Actor i. Drama Series (Lee Yoo-mi), Outstanding Production Design for a Contemporary Narrative Program, Outstanding Stunt Performance and Outstanding Special Effects in a Single Episode.

Hwang said: “Korea has always been positioned on a global market when we created these things . I think we will create high quality content because of the very competitive Korean society and as a result K-content has been loved by people all over the world.”

As the first Korean director to win the Emmys, Hwang said that he always had the goal of going international but did not expect this great success and hopes that the Emmy win will be an inspiration to international creators in the future.

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