Mel Gibson will not testify in the Harvey Weinstein Trial

Prosecutors won’t call Mel Gibson to testify in Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial, after all.

Gibson would have been brought on the stand to corroborate parts of Jane Doe’s story in the case, who said she confided in Gibson after she was allegedly assaulted by Weinstein.

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Jane Doe #3 was Gibson’s massage therapist. She told the jury that the “Braveheart” actor was a close friend, so she told him about the alleged incident during an appointment. She said Gibson offered to help and asked if she wanted to call the police or find a lawyer.

“He was the first person I finally opened up to,” Jane Doe #3 said during her testimony earlier this month, crying on the stand.

Earlier in the trial, journalist and producer Allison Weiner, who is also friends with Gibson, testified that Jane Doe #3 had opened up to Gibson about allegedly being assaulted by Weinstein. On the stand, Weiner explained that Gibson connected her to Jane Doe #3 in an effort to help her and, in 2015, they had an off-the-record phone call to talk about her story.

The judge ruled during a pretrial hearing that prosecutors could call the actor to testify, despite Weinstein’s defense arguing against it. Weinstein’s attorneys pointed to racist and anti-Semitic statements made by Gibson and that Gibson had a bad will towards Weinstein, ever since the release of “The Passion of the Christ,” which was criticized for playing on anti-Semitic themes.

“A person with white supremacist values ​​may have no problem contradicting himself against a Jewish defendant,” Weinstein’s attorney, Mark Werksman, said in court last month. Weinstein’s company, Miramax Books, published a book in 2004, titled “Perspectives on the Passion of the Christ,” which challenged Gibson’s film. His attorney told the judge that “this created a confrontation between Mr. Gibson and Mr. Weinstein.”

The judge ultimately ruled that Weinstein’s attorneys would be able to question Gibson about any hatred toward Weinstein, but prevented the defense from being able to question any of Gibson’s racist and anti-Semitic statements. , noting that it was not relevant to the Weinstein sexual assault case. .

Prosecutors confirmed that Diversity Wednesday in court that Gibson would not testify, but they were unable to give any further explanation. The prosecution is expected to rest their case this week.

Diversity He has contacted the Gibson pollster for comment.

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