‘My skin won’t take it’

‘My skin won’t take it’

Isabella Rossellini reveals that she has never had plastic surgery.  (Photo by Chris Delmas / AFP) (Photo by CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images)

Isabella Rossellini, pictured here on the red carpet with a pixie haircut and gold jewelry, reveals that she has never had plastic surgery. (Photo: Getty Images)

Isabella Rossellini has no regrets about her decision not to have plastic surgery in her 40s and 50s.

In a recent interview with Vulture, the Death succeeds her the actress revealed that she has never gone under the knife for cosmetic procedures.

“I feel ambivalent. I haven’t had any plastic surgery,” she said, admitting that she had thought about it in the past but was always supportive.

“One day I woke up and said, ‘We have all these new technologies in surgery. Why don’t I take advantage of it? I’m going to call a plastic surgeon,’ Then when I started calling a plastic surgeon, I ran out of courage,” she said.

Her decision was based on fear of conforming to patriarchal precedents.

“Most of the time, I have to say, I’m thinking, ‘Is this based on mythology?’” she asked.

Now, Rossellini feels she has outgrown the need or desire for plastic surgery.

“I’m too old. I’m not going to have plastic surgery at 70; my skin won’t take it. But in the earlier years – around 45 or 50 – I didn’t do it. Now I look back and say, ‘Maybe I was right,’ I think it was a mistake,” she said.

Despite her personal stance on getting work done, Rossellini is not against the concept of plastic surgery — it’s just for other people.

“I had a friend, for example, who always hated her nose. Luckily, she fell and broke her nose. She said, ‘I took advantage of it!’ So that I understand,” she said.

Currently, Rossellini runs Mama Farm in Brookhaven, New York, and finds that fillers and other procedures are no longer in line with the essence of her life.

“I always say, jokingly, that because I run an organic farm and try to eat healthy, I can’t reconcile eating organic food and having Botox. How do you reconcile the two?” she says.

Beyond his desire for healthy living, Rossellini likes to represent older women who choose not to go under the knife for the illusion of youth.

“Meanwhile, I’ve gotten old and I’m working with Lancôme. They hired me back, and a lot of people send emails and comments saying they feel I represent them. The photos are all about cosmetics and looking your best, and they are very grateful that a 70-year-old woman is doing it and not even trying to look like what I’m not. I think I was right not to do it,” she said.

And despite working in an industry with a bad reputation, Rossellini had no problem staying booked and busy without the aid of cosmetic enhancements.

“I have many friends and relatives who have had plastic surgery, and I am not against it. Also, I can happily announce that even though I haven’t done it, I’m still working all the time. The fear is that maybe if I don’t do plastic surgery, I will work less. But it didn’t happen to me.

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