Patrick Baldwin Jr. has a coaching staff. from the heroes,’ says Steve Kerr

Kerr believes Baldwin will have a tough time cracking rotation appeared first on NBC Sports Bayarea

On the eve of training camp, the Warriors coaching staff already seems to like what they’ve seen from Patrick Baldwin Jr.

Speaking with The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami on the latest episode of “The TK Show,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr discussed comments Baldwin has received from other coaches.

“All the coaches were texting me, while I was gone, just joking about how familiar he is, what a great feeling he has,” Kerr told Kawakami. “He’s just one of those guys who understands the game and moves the ball, and makes shots.

“I think the biggest thing for Patrick is to make sure he’s healthy. He wasn’t healthy last year just during the college season, he wasn’t healthy in summer league.”

Kerr said young guys like Baldwin “need to learn their bodies” and understand what it takes to be a successful NBA player.

The Warriors coach also said that he sees Baldwin as “someone with great potential” and is “very excited to see him” play.

However, Kerr doesn’t expect Baldwin — the No. 1 overall pick — to play. 28 in the 2022 NBA Draft – a lot in his rookie year.

“But in the early stages of his career, it would probably be difficult for him to crack the rotation,” Kerr said. “You never know, I give everyone a chance.

“Their rookie seasons are about figuring out their environment, figuring out how to handle yourself.”

In addition, Warriors general manager Bob Myers shared Kerr’s feelings about Baldwin not having minutes in the NBA and potentially playing in the G-League.

“We talked about it the other day. I think it starts there but I don’t want to put out his chance to earn a minute,” Myers told reporters on Friday. “Steve will probably play a lot of guys in the preseason.”

Plus, Myers said, after the sixth man, all the other spots are up, giving Baldwin a path to a moment of wisdom.

“After the sixth one, it kind of takes off. Is he going to take it? I don’t know. But there’s an opportunity for him if he can grab it,” concluded Myers.

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Baldwin appears to be doing all the right things in the preseason to impress the Warriors’ coaching staff.

If Baldwin is able to stay healthy and continue to follow his game in the G-League or elsewhere, expect Golden State to find another diamond in the rough.

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