Reese Witherspoon pays tribute to the anniversary of Sweet Home Alabama

Reese Witherspoon pays tribute to the anniversary of Sweet Home Alabama

Reese Witherspoon celebrated 20 years of it

Reese Witherspoon celebrated 20 years of “Sweet Home Alabama” with an Instagram tribute. (Photo: ANGELA WEISS / AFP)

paying tribute to a film that “completely changed” her life.

On Saturday, the Big Little Lies star to share a series of clips from his 2002 romantic comedy Sweet Home Alabama. In the film, Witherspoon plays Melanie, a New York City fashion designer who returns to her small Southern hometown to get a divorce from her first husband, played by Josh Lucas.

The film also stars Melanie Lynskey as her former best friend and Patrick Dempsey as her current fiance who is waiting for her back in Manhattan. Dakota Fanning, in one of her earliest roles, portrays a young version of Witherspoon’s character.

“Twenty years ago Sweet Home Alabama came out and changed my life completely. Incredible memories of shooting this movie with these amazing actors – Josh, Patrick, Dakota, Melanie, Jean, Ethan, Mary Kay, Fred, and Candace, of course,” Witherspoon wrote in the caption of her post. “So many scenes amazing and my favorite line… ‘So I can kiss you whenever I want.’ Do you remember seeing him for the first time?”

The comeback was appreciated by Witherspoon’s fans – including sister Dakota Fanning, The Great star Elle Fanning, who wrote “THE BEST.” Rachel Zoe agreed, “THE BEST MOVIE EVER.”

The Hello Sunshine producer often pays homage to her previous work on social media. Last year, she celebrated 20 years of it Legally blonde — in which she embraced the grief of president-turned-Harvard law student Elle Woods — with a special message about how important the film still is to her.

“Every meme, graduation cap, musical number, Halloween costume and twist & jump has brought me so much joy over the past two decades!” she said.

Fans will learn what Elle Woods is up to next: Witherspoon is ready , with a script written by Mindy Kaling. Currently, it is unclear when exactly the film will hit theaters.

“I still have hope Blonde 3 legally coming together in the right way,” the Walking the Line said an actor last year. “It’s just like Top Gun: They waited a long time to make another version of that movie, and I loved the nostalgia they incorporated into it. So that definitely gave us a lot of inspiration for what we wanted with Elle Woods and make sure we all had the same touchstones that were important to people [back] then.”

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