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Make the switch from manual to electric with these great toothbrush deals before Black Friday. (Source: iStock)

Keep your smile healthy and bright with a high-quality, high-efficiency electric toothbrush. Utilizing advanced oral care technology, these toothbrushes can scrub away plaque and polish your teeth to a bright, sparkling finish.

Manual brushes can leave a lot to be desired and rarely get into the tiny crevices between the teeth – which is especially harmful for those of us who actively avoid brushing. Instead, get a better understanding of your gum and dental care by investing in an electric brush that does most of the work for you. Upgrade your oral care for less today with these early Black Friday discounts from Amazon.

Make your dentist proud

Remove plaque and whiten while brushing with this smart electric toothbrush from Oral-B.  (Source: Amazon)

Remove plaque and whiten while brushing with this smart electric toothbrush from Oral-B. (Source: Amazon)

$49.99 $79.99 at Amazon

The Oral-B smart toothbrush is equipped to pick up six times as much plaque as competing toothbrushes with oscillating bristles and alert pressure sensors that protect your gums if you press down too hard. The brush head has a unique circle shape and each bristle is set at an angle of 16° which slides perfectly between the teeth.

The electric toothbrush also includes a battery that should last at least two weeks on a single charge and a two-minute timer with 30-second intervals that helps you track how long you’ve been brushing. One Amazon shopper shared that “This toothbrush is so easy to use… no need to scrub.” Get yours on sale today and save almost 40% on your purchase.

Three sweep modes, two travel cases, and a smart timer included.  These electric toothbrushes have it all.  (Source: Amazon)

These electric toothbrushes have it all. (Source: Amazon)

$42.46 $69.95 at Amazon

These electric toothbrushes are perfect for any duo looking to upgrade their brushes at the same time. They are extremely modern and isolated with the latest technologies, such as sending 40,000 vibrations per minute with the special motors they are equipped with. The dual wireless charging for your bathroom will remove any clunky wires and you will have a battery life of up to 30 days.

They are equipped with four different modes, such as a clean mode for deep cleaning, a whitening mode to dissolve surface stains and a massage mode that promotes circulation and improves gum health. These electric toothbrushes also have a vibrating timer that indicates when to start brushing another area of ​​your mouth.

Grab this duo today for nearly 30% off and save an additional 15% when you apply the coupon at checkout.

Invest in your smile with the AquaSonic Pro Spin toothbrush.  (Source: Amazon)

Invest in your smile with the AquaSonic Pro Spin toothbrush. (Source: Amazon)

$39.95 $47.95 at Amazon

Everything is much easier to see when it is color coded. These brush heads have color coded bristles to help you navigate the dual action mode of this electric toothbrush. The white bristles on the outside of the brush head focus on brushing away plaque while the blue inner bristles polish enamel and remove stains. Choose from three smart methods that focus on healthier gums or brighter teeth.

Brushing too hard can damage the enamel of your teeth and irritate your gums. This electric toothbrush has a smart, visible LED pressure sensor that alerts you when you apply too much force to your teeth. An LED warning light will start flashing red, and the toothbrush will power down as soon as the sensor detects too much pressure to protect your gums and teeth.

Get this deep cleaning brush now for 17% off.

Connect this smart toothbrush to the Colgate app for helpful tips and reminders.  (Source: Amazon)

Connect this smart toothbrush to the Colgate app for helpful tips and reminders. (Source: Amazon)

$24.70 $69.99 at Amazon

Brush your way to brighter teeth with Colgate’s rechargeable toothbrush. This Bluetooth brush can be connected to the Colgate app to get a better insight into your brushing habits. It informs you of the frequency, duration and coverage of each tooth cleaning session while offering advice on areas for improvement. You can even earn points to use towards various benefits while making favorable changes to your brushing routine.

Make your selfie smile stand out with the three powerful vibration modes: normal, delicate or clean deep. This electric toothbrush has a two-minute timer so you’ll know when you’ve completed the recommended cleaning session. The entire collection is easy to carry thanks to the included carrying case, which conveniently stores the toothbrush, refill brush head and charger in one accessible place.

You can save 65% on this highly rated smart toothbrush when you buy it today.

Invest in your oral health

Ready to take better care of your teeth and gums? Then be sure to check out the early Black Friday prices on incredible, deep-cleaning brushes and start taking better care of your teeth today. Your mouth and your dentist will definitely be happy with the results.

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