The Mophie Go Air Jumpstarter is  off at HSN

The Mophie Go Air Jumpstarter is $90 off at HSN

Every once in a while a product comes along that looks too good to be true. That product is the Mophie Go Air Jumpstarter, Portable Charger and Air Compressor. (Spoiler alert, FYI: It is yes true.) Check it out: The Mophie is a device charger and air compressor that can jump-start your battery, inflate your tires and zoom up your phone. It should be standard equipment in every car trunk, if only for the peace of mind it brings when the people you love are out on the road. This genius gadget normally goes for $200, but HSN has it on sale right now for just $110.

Oh, and if you’d rather not pay that $110 all at once, go ahead and opt for five Flex Pay installments of $22 instead. And if you’re a first-time HSN shopper, you can get an extra $20 off your purchase of $40 or more with code HSN2022.

Teal marbelized charger and jump starter shown on orange background

The Mophie Go Air Jump Starter is one of the coolest gadgets we’ve ever come across. (Photo: HSN)

It’s like having roadside assistance riding with you at all times with the Mophie Go Air Jumpstarter.

Dead car battery? No problem. The Mophie Go Air Jumpstarter can bring your vehicle back to life. There is no need to connect to the second car; this device has the power to give you that jump start for himself. It even comes with jumper cables. And no need to worry about your Mophie Go Air running out of juice. He can start a car 83 hours on one charge.

But it’s not about revving your engine; The Mophie Go Air can also juice up your smartphone or tablet. With the built-in air compressor, this device can fill even low tires (not to mention bike tires, basketballs, rafts and more). It comes with an interchangeable air nozzle kit and a 2-foot hose extender.

blue jump starters next to tires

A two foot air hose is included. (Photo: HSN)

One happy buyer said, “There is nothing more frustrating than getting into your vehicle and the battery is dead. I have a Mophie in every vehicle and don’t leave home without it. It jumps your battery, it can air out the tires , inflate the kids toys and charge all your mobile devices in one small box! It’s super easy to use, it comes in a carrying case and the instructions are printed on the case. Thank you Mophie for another great product! “

Another says, “As soon as I bought it, I went out of town and stopped to get something to eat. The woman next to me was asking people for help because her car died. I pulled out and I said ‘think’ I can help (He wasn’t sure he didn’t use it.) A guy came over and laughed at me… but he just looked at me as I started the car!? I want one! So he told them HSN.. This would be a perfect gift!”

Put it all together and you have a daily life saver and Awesome emergency kit. Great for new drivers, parents, anyone you love, and anyone making plans for an epic road trip.

At about 10″×5″ the Mophie Go Air is about the size of a book. It won’t take up much space in the car. And it will make a big difference – allowing you to exhale, relax and know your people are safe on the road. Grab it before it sells out!

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