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Veggie breakfast casserole

I have to admit that I’m actually not a big breakfast person. I’m usually totally happy with my daily green smoothie (with lots of spinach or kale). But every now and then I feel like having a Abundant breakfast or also brunch. Last Sunday we had this veggie breakfast casserole with potatoes, barbecue tempeh and vegan cheese and boy, was it good!! I made it for a family brunch and everyone was totally amazed that it was vegan!

Veggie breakfast casserole

I remember having a veggie breakfast casserole with hash browns once and wanted to make something similar for brunch which we had this past weekend. The casserole I remember was loaded with cheese and egg so it wasn’t exactly vegan. But no problem, we vegans are creative, aren’t we? So of course I had to try veganizing it. Instead of eggs, I used a mixture of silken tofu, turmeric, paprika powder, and chives. I also mixed in some vegan cheese and added a dash of kala namakwhich gives it its egg-like flavor.

Veggie breakfast casserole

If you haven’t heard of it kala namak however, you should really check it out. It is a type of rock salt typically used in South Asia. Some people call it Himalayan black salt and it smells and tastes very similar to eggs. I also added it to the vegan asparagus quiche I made a couple of weeks ago and it’s also great with avocado. If you are looking for even more recipes using kala namak, check out this article which has tons of them delicious vegan egg recipes.

Veggie breakfast casserole

Veggie breakfast casserole

For me, the best part of this vegan breakfast casserole is the barbecue tempeh. We make it quite often as a salad or pasta topping and it’s super easy to make! When I first tried tempeh a few years ago, I didn’t really like it and thought it was a bit boring and tasteless. But when you season it well and cook it until it’s really crispy, it’s really good! I like it even better than tofu and I really LOVE tofu so it’s actually more of a compliment! I used this type of tempeh guanciale also for my spaghetti alla carbonara, which was all the rage on the blog.

Veggie breakfast casserole

Unlike most of my other recipes, this veggie breakfast casserole takes a little longer to make, but it’s so worth it! And it’s actually really easy to make, it just takes a little longer because you have a little bit of waiting time while it’s in the oven.

First I boiled the potatoes, cut them into cubes and seasoned them with a little onion, paprika powder, salt and pepper. Make sure you cook them until they’re really crispy and lightly browned.

Veggie breakfast casserole

If you want it much quicker, you can also use store-bought Southern-style hash browns in place of the potatoes. Then stir in the vegan egg and cheese mixture, sprinkle it with more vegan cheese and bake for about 15-20 minutes. I served it with some fresh cherry tomatoes, green onions and parsley to give it a little more colour. Everyone at our brunch loved it! We topped it off with some sriracha sauce.

Veggie breakfast casserole

This vegetarian breakfast casserole also makes a great dinner. Enjoy it with some green salad and you will have a delicious and healthy meal!

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do around here! Let me know if you try. As always, love to hear from you guys!! xx

Veggie breakfast casserole

Veggie breakfast casserole

This veggie breakfast casserole with BBQ “bacon” tempeh and potatoes is perfect for a big breakfast or even brunch. Delicious and super easy to make!

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Course: Breakfast

Kitchen: American

Preparation time: 15 min

Time to cook: 30 min

Total time: 1 Now

Portions: 6 portions

Calories: 212kcal


  • Boil the potatoes in their skins for about 15-20 minutes or until tender. Peel them and cut them into cubes.

  • While the potatoes are simmering, prepare the barbecue tempeh “bacon”: Cut the tempeh into cubes. Heat a little more oil in the pan you used for the potatoes and cook the remaining onions for about a minute. Add the tempeh and add the barbecue sauce, paprika powder, soy sauce and, if using, liquid smoke. Season with salt and pepper and cook for about 5 minutes. Shelve.

  • Heat some oil in a large skillet and cook about half the chopped onions for about 2 minutes or until translucent. Add the potatoes and season with paprika powder, salt and pepper. Bake about 5 minutes or until crisp and slightly brown. Shelve. If you want the recipe a little quicker, you can also use store-bought Southern-style hash browns.

  • In a medium bowl, combine the silken tofu, oil, starch, turmeric, paprika powder, and kala namak. Beat until smooth. Stir in the vegan cheese and chives.

  • Pour the potatoes and barbecue tempeh into a saucepan and add the vegan egg and cheese mixture. Sprinkle with more vegan cheese and bake for 15-20 minutes at 180°C.

  • Serve with fresh chives, parsley and cherry tomatoes.


Calories: 212kcal | Carbohydrates: 28g | Protein: 11g | Fat: 7g | Saturated fats: 1g | Polyunsaturated fats: 1g | Monounsaturated fat: 2g | Sodium: 249mg | Potassium: 601mg | Fiber: 5g | Sugar: 3g | Vitamin A: 400UI | C vitamin: 36.3mg | Soccer: 50mg | Iron: 1.8mg

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