Why there is always high hope for Skyy Moore of the Chiefs

Why there is always high hope for Skyy Moore of the Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs rookie receiver Skyy Moore had just two snaps last week against the Los Angeles Chargers, both coming during kneeling on the final possession.

That’s not a situation he’s likely to play again, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy said Thursday.

“I promise you he’ll see more than two snaps during the season as we continue to move forward, because the kid brings a lot to the table,” Bieniemy said. “Obviously he’s doing a great job on special teams, but also, it’s time for us to make sure we let him be the player he needs to be as a receiver as well.”

Moore, a second-round draft pick of the Chiefs in April, impressed in training camp and also played 13 snaps with a 30-yard reception in the team’s season-opening win at Arizona. He also serves as the team’s leading punt returner, where his 8-yard average ranks sixth in the AFC.

The offensive snaps, however, were not there last Thursday in a crucial early contest against a top AFC West foe.

“Just biding my time. I’m not too worried about anything,” Moore told the Star at his locker Thursday. “I know that coach has a plan. Everyone has a plan. So I let them take the lead.”

Three weeks ago, before the season started, Moore mentioned that one of his goals was to try to get him so he was thinking less about the field. Once he got to that point, he believed it would let him play instinctually, which allowed him to stand out during his final season at Western Michigan.

So far, Moore believes processing is his biggest obstacle to earning more snaps.

“As I get better at the mental aspect of the offense,” Moore said, “I’ll be able to show my physical ability.”

Coaches and teammates say they’ve seen him work tirelessly to make gains in that area.

Bieniemy praised Moore specifically Thursday, saying, “I love the way he works.”

Leading receiver Justin Watson, meanwhile, noted that Moore is usually one of the last guys off the practice field after spending extra time with the quarterbacks.

“He’s doing everything right,” Watson said, “and I know if he continues to do that, he’s going to have a really good year.”

Watson didn’t hold back any more praise for Moore on Thursday, calling him “the best rookie receiver I’ve been around in my five years.”

“I think you see it — he’s got everything: hands, he’s got long arms to go up and catch passes, he’s explosive, good after the catch,” Watson said. “So I think he has a really bright future this year and going forward in this league.”

Watson also noted a strong work ethic from Moore, saying he’s seen him put in extra time with receivers coach Joe Bleymaier to learn the playbook and also the differences between a college and pro system. Watson credited Moore with doing a “great job” of picking up the plays after spending a few months with the team.

“I don’t even think the plan last week was to only play two plays. Just had some injuries, guys getting banged up, vice, short week. I think it was a one-off thing,” Watson said. “It’s a big part of what we want to do on offense.”

Coach Andy Reid said Wednesday that Moore was “doing a good job” while hinting that he would gradually become more involved in the offensive game plan as the season progressed.

For his part, Moore said he wanted to be more prepared each week while still being ready to “let it out” when he got the chance.

Was it difficult, however, to remain patient in the meantime?

Moore smiled Thursday and said no.

“Not really on a team like this. We are a Super Bowl team. I can’t be mad,” Moore said. “So I must wait my turn.”

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