With these time-saving gadgets, meal prep is a breeze – starting at

With these time-saving gadgets, meal prep is a breeze – starting at $22

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Cooking can be fun when you have the right kitchen tools to help relieve stress.  (Source: iStock)

Cooking can be fun when you have the right kitchen tools to help relieve stress. (Source: iStock)

It’s hard to tell exactly what you need in your kitchen, especially if you prepare most of your meals before the start of the week. These kitchen meal prep gadgets allow you to shred food faster, roast meat in larger quantities and cut vegetables into shapes and sizes you never thought possible. Check out these Amazon deals before your next work week to save up to 41%.

Cut, cook and press

The Spiralizer will allow you to cut your vegetables in all shapes and sizes.  (Source: Amazon)

The Spiralizer will allow you to cut your vegetables in all shapes and sizes. (Source: Amazon)

$22.97 $29.97 at Amazon

No health-oriented kitchen is complete without a versatile vegetable slicer. This Spiralizer slicer includes ten heavy-duty blades for slicing vegetables into different sizes, whereas standard slicers usually only include five blades. Whether you want to cut vegetables into angel hair, ribbons, chips or curly fries, each blade has a specific purpose.

The set also includes a user manual, multiple start-up instructions and a storage box so you have somewhere safe to put unused blades. From veggie noodles to zucchini chips, this kitchen lets you make a plethora of dishes you’ve never been able to before. The 10-blade Spiralizer set is Amazon’s Choice in mandolines and slicers and is 23% off for a limited time.

Let this food processor do the hard work of chopping and dicing, so you can focus on cooking.  (Source: Amazon)

Let this food processor do the hard work of chopping and dicing so you can focus on cooking. (Source: Amazon)

$24.36 $49.99 at Amazon

Chopping, dicing and grinding food are all part of the cooking process, although these steps can get messy – especially if you’re cooking multiple dishes. The Mueller ultra prep food processor includes two replaceable inserts for different cooking purposes. Its S-shaped steel blade cuts, grinds and dices through tough vegetables, and the processor settings can be changed for fine chopping, coarse chopping or something in between. Its whisk disc works in place of the S-shaped blade by allowing you to whisk, whip, blend or puree ingredients together from eggs to homemade whipped cream.

Depending on how fluffy or chopped you want your food, this processor should do the job in just 30 seconds – faster than competing food processors and much faster than doing it yourself. Its pieces are easily detachable, making the processor simple to clean and reuse immediately if needed. The Mueller food chopper is over 40% off on Amazon, and you can save an extra $5 with a coupon at checkout.

This air fryer makes cooking a breeze.  (Source: Amazon)

This air fryer makes cooking a breeze. (Source: Amazon)

$51.99 $69.99 at Amazon

Air fryers are all the rage these days and for good reason. They produce delicious food, are simple to use, painless to clean and get the job done faster than ovens. Unfortunately, due to their limited sizes and interiors, it can be difficult to find the right air fryer for your kitchen and family. This Elite Gourmet air fryer is spacious enough to fit over 3 lbs of food at a time and barely takes up more than a foot of space, making it perfect for large families and small kitchens.

The two air fryer dials allow you to adjust the fridge’s temperature and time settings with ease, even if you need to change settings in the middle of cooking. The top of the machine also includes seven specialized food buttons that instantly set the fryer to that food’s settings. For example, the muffin button sets the air fryer to 320°F for a maximum of 25 minutes, and the chicken button sets it to 400°F for 30 minutes. Available in four colors, this 4-quart air fryer is more than 25% off on Amazon.

This essential made cooking dinner so much easier.  (Source: Amazon)

Cooking dinner just got a whole lot easier with this essential kitchen gadget. (Source: Amazon)

$61.46 $79.99 at Amazon

A slow cooker is only as good as the number of people it can feed. This 6-quart Hanging Pot is spacious enough to fit several people at once without anyone worrying about a hungry belly. With four preset cooking settings that last up to ten hours, this Crockpot cooker is perfect for roasts, stews, chilis, meatballs and many other possibilities. The stoneware interior is oven safe up to 400°F and made with a non-stick coating that keeps cleanup easy.

One Amazon customer declared that this Crockpot, ‘Just as I wanted!’ in his five-star review: There is so much to be gained from this pot,” they said. “[It] There are several settings (two for high, two for low and warm). My old crock pot couldn’t be heated automatically (you had to wait for the time to set), but this one can [easily] put on hot if you feel the meal is done. The best part, though, is how easy it is to clean!” It’s 23% off on Amazon right now.

Sandwiches don't have to be boring with this griddle.  (Source: Amazon)

Sandwiches don’t have to be boring with this Cuisinart griddle. (Source: Amazon)

$69.96 $99.95 at Amazon

A sandwich is one of the easiest meals to prepare, but in the end, room temperature bread and refrigerated lunch meat get a little boring. This Cuisinart Griddler lets you grill panini-style sandwiches for a taste-busting experience you can’t beat. If paninis aren’t your thing, it doubles as a full grill to cook meat, vegetables and more.

It has a large heat-resistant handle that makes pressing simple and contact-free. The grill itself also opens up so both can be used to grill different items if you are serving more than one dish. Make yourself a hot meal now or prepare well-cooked meals for the rest of the week with this stainless steel Griddler. Plus, you can save 30% with a coupon at checkout.

Who knew cooking could be so simple?

These gadgets save you time in the kitchen so you don’t have to spend all your free time preparing a meal for the work week. From a gourmet air fryer that lets you save some counter space to a vegetable slicer with endless options, these Amazon deals can change the way you cook forever.

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