You probably never realized you could use nail polish like this

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Who knew this fun little TikTok-inspired craft could make your life easier. (Source: iStock)

TikTok is a hot spot for fun and colorful personalities. It is also a reliable source of inspiration for creativity. One user with over a million followers called @southernescape, who brands herself as the “Queen of DIY”, posted this fun tip to help you quickly tell your keys to yourself – and it’s extremely easy. You can try it today with this quick-drying nail polish on Amazon.

In the video, the DIY Queen pulled out a key ring that looked like identical keys. She then tried to unlock her door to no avail. A guessing game all too familiar to most people. To save time and frustration, a TikTok user shared her clever nail polish technique to decorate that all-important key and distinguish it from the rest.

Want to try it yourself? The Sally Hansen Insta-Dri® nail polish is perfect for this trick and is currently available on Amazon for a low price.

No waiting time required

This quick-drying nail polish comes in 11 different stunning colors.  (Source: Amazon)

This quick-drying nail polish comes in 11 different stunning colors. (Source: Amazon)

$4.49 $6.99 at Amazon

Why use this particular brand to pull off this trick, you say? You will want to use it because it will save you time. The Insta-Dri nail polish cures within minutes of application.

This nail polish uses a 3-in-1 formula with a built-in base and top coat, so you don’t need to prime your nails before coloring them. You can coat your nails (or keys) using this quick drying polish with one brush stroke and leave them with a smooth and shiny finish. In addition, you can pay attention to Sally Hansen’s recommendation to use a contour brush to achieve the best results.

One Amazon customer who bought this product suddenly regretted doing so. She even called him “very beautiful polish.”

Suppose you hope to reattach, remove or replace it. In that case, you can conveniently do that by using whatever polish remover you have available. The same reviewer attests to this by saying that it is “easy to apply, dries very quickly and removes easily with some acetone remover.”

Make a craft day out of this fun tip

That’s it for you, a TikTok fad that will make life a little easier. Feel free to try this trick or make it better with your version using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri® nail polish. It’s a fun and time-saving project that you can score on Amazon for an unbeatable price.

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